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November 29, 2021

All you need to know about WIPRO Sky Scale

All modern commercial interiors like in hospitality, gymnasiums, high-end restaurants etc., consider indoor lighting solutions as an integral part of their interior designing plans. Unlike traditional commercial building designing ideologies, modern buildings are inten.

ded to create a perfect environment that favours visitors, employees, and other people associated with it.  It focuses on aspects like the latest technological integrations, collaborations, and cooperation for ensuring a smooth flow of operations along with the health and wellness of the people.


Lighting tends to influence the psychological and physiological behaviours of humans. Low levels of illumination can make them feel lethargic while excess lighting can make them vulnerable to health ailments like eye strain, headaches, and migraine. Thus, commercial building owners are now deciding on state-of-the-art indoor LED lighting that compliments their business as well as people’s health.

Sky Scale: Smooth, Smart, Soothing

One of the leading LED lighting manufacturers in the country Wipro Lighting is intended to provide sophisticated, stylish, and most importantly productive commercial LED lighting solutions for the new-age modern spaces. The Wipro Sky Scale is one such holistic LED luminaire.


Wipro Lighting’s Sky Scale is a splendid contemporary commercial building luminaire designed to ensure smooth and uniform lighting in the space. A linear suspended edge-lit luminaire provides a soothing illumination that favours productivity and efficiency simultaneously. It boasts a large area of ceiling lumination, modular design, and a host of other par-excellence features that goes perfectly in sync with the current commercial lighting scenarios.

Features of Wipro Lighting Sky Scale

The Sky Scale range is a simple yet out-of-the-box indoor LED fixture that creates a unique ambience of a stretch fabric ceiling. Powered by the trust and quality of Wipro Lighting, this unique offering is a perfect match for modern spaces. Following are some of the best features of Wipro Lighting Sky Scale:  


        A high-quality immersive lighting solution that ensures an adequate amount of light throughout the area while keeping visual discomforts at bay.

        It is a highly aesthetic and functional luminaire that comprises extruded aluminium housing for a robust build.

        Made with a perfectly assembled knitted fabric that makes sure no hardware is visible on the external surface. This aids seamless integration with the ceiling. Moreover, the fabric is flame retardant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-static, impermeable to steam and water.

        Loaded with efficacious optical and spectral features, it aids a mollifying and capacitive environment while keeping visual comfort a top priority.  

        Boasts a customizable and flexible design that caters to the needs and requirements of all modern commercial spaces. It is easy to install and makes the ceiling look seamless.


Apart from the above-mentioned pointers, Wipro Lighting’s Sky Scale offers better light transmission and forms an excellent diffusion of light. It accentuates the interior design of the space. Moreover, it is appropriate for a host of application areas including gyms, lounge , restaurants, high-end commercial spaces, etc.