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October 5, 2022

A Comprehensive Guide to Installing Linear LED Highbay Luminaires

When you search for high ceiling lights, the first and foremost type of lighting solution you may come across are Linear LED Highbay luminaires. 

This is because linear high bay lighting options not only provide bright luminosity but also embrace the ambiance of the space with the commendable power of LEDs equipped with the latest technology. If you are looking for lights to install in automobile manufacturing units, linear high bay LEDs are compatible with all. They are designed to fulfil high ceiling illumination requirements efficiently. 

Moreover, lighting professionals also assert that this type of indoor LED lighting for high ceilings (upto 25 feet from the floor) can deliver the required lumen output and brighten the area by focusing down and out from the fixture. 

However, some people face challenges while installing Linear LED high luminaires. Therefore, we have covered a step-by-step guide to prevent you from making certain mistakes and installing the lights successfully.

How to install Linear LED high bay lights?

Although there are different ways to install Linear LED high-bay luminaires, we have mentioned below the most aesthetically pleasing and smartest technique.

Step 1- Disconnecting the power supply and wiring

For obvious reasons, disconnect the power supply, then open the junction box right at the backside of the LED light fixture. Loose the screws and retrieve the wires. Check the wiring as per the instructions mentioned in the box. Furthermore, look for purple and grey wires to control the dimming of the light. The purple wire represents a high dimming level whereas the grey one is for low dimming of the light. Adjust and connect these wires to the dimmer accordingly. In case, you do not require the dimming function, do not use them. 

Step 2. Hooking up the chain

The next step is to take the hooks and chain out of the accessories. Then,  thread the chain through the hooks by connecting the hooks to the sides of the luminaire. Now, lifting the chain will allow you to suspend the linear high bay.

Step 3. Fasten the chain onto the seatbelt

Adjust the chain's length after hanging it onto the crossbar. The linear LED high bay light is now successfully suspended. If there isn't already a crossbar on the ceiling, it needs to be put in place before the light can be fixed.

Now connect the power supply to check if the luminaire is working properly.

Apart from the above-mentioned method, some lighting mechanics use ¾ NPT installation technique. Herein they install the brackets into the steel pipes and affix the industrial indoor LED light onto the brackets. This way they install Linear LED high-bay lights to fully brighten the space adequately. 

Choose the best Linear LED Highbay Lights from Wipro Lighting

There is no denying that Linear LED high bay lights have gradually become the popular choice for indoor high bay lighting. And, Wipro Lighting is among the top LED lighting manufacturers in India catering to different illumination needs. Xpressbay Pro is one of our top-selling products in the category of high-bay lighting. 

You can explore their features and specification, and select the most suitable lighting solution to amplify the brightness of our space while nurturing a healthy environment which is free from poor, dim or flickering lighting.  

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