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August 28, 2019

Why LEDs are best for Showroom and Retail Store Lighting?

LEDs are undoubtedly one of the best lighting solutions for almost all types of businesses and industries. According to experts, using LED accessories offers multiple benefits that can eventually surge business profitability as well as the safety of employees at the workplace. 

According to the leading commercial lighting manufacturers, the lighting industry has undergone various transformations over the years that have made LED lights a primary choice for all business domains. In today’s competitive business world, the retail industry is another vertical that can greatly benefit from the use of LED lighting solutions.

All retail stores and showrooms consider necessary actions to attract the eyes of their customers and trigger their purchase intent. In such a scenario, appropriate and appealing illumination is one of the key actions that can make the offered products look more desirable. 

According to experts, LEDs are the most favorable option when it comes to retail and showroom lighting. Here are 4 benefits that solidify this fact: 

Better illumination

First and foremost, LEDs provide better illumination than all other lighting solutions, including CFLs and old conventional incandescent bulbs. However, the light quality in showrooms and stores depends on various factors like the surface area, wall colors, etc. Thus, it is important to consider the advice of LED lighting experts while initiating a change in lighting solutions.

More durable 

Unlike incandescent bulbs and CFLs (that are made from glass), LEDs are made from tough and sturdy epoxy resin that enhances the appliance’s durability aspect. Furthermore, LED lights are known to last for almost 50,000 hours. Thus, they emerge as much better options when it comes to durability and life. 


LED lights are very versatile in nature and available in a variety of colors, sizes, wattage, and shapes. Thus, they not only fulfill the basic lighting needs but also hold the capability of increasing the aesthetics of showrooms and retail stores. LED Downlights and Suspended Lighting Fixtures are some of the Wipro LED Lighting products that can do wonders for your retail space.

Rate of investment

LEDs are readily known to play a vital role with respect to energy as well as cost efficiency. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain, have a longer life, and convert 100% of electricity into light to avoid any kind of energy wastage. Thus, installing LED lights allows showroom or store owners to harvest maximum return on investment.

Last but not the least, LEDs have zero (or extremely low) UV emission. This not only saves the product features (color, shine, etc.) from fading away but also aids in maintaining hygiene around the showroom or retail space.