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September 30, 2021

3 Myths related to lighting retrofitting

Lighting plays an important role in almost all commercial spaces irrespective of their nature, size, or operations. Proper lighting in a space ensures smooth functionality along with the health and wellness of the employees. However, many companies and workspaces are still equipped with old legacy lighting systems that are based on old fluorescent lights or incandescent bulbs.

What is lighting retrofitting?

Lighting retrofitting is simply defined as a process of updating the old traditional lighting systems with new commercial lighting solutions to enhance energy efficiency in a commercial space. It improves the quality of light and ensures appropriate illumination levels that go in perfect sync with the needs and requirements of commercial space.

Many businesses drop the plan of getting lighting retrofitting due to financial reasons or other physical constraints. However, many tend to believe in various myths and misconceptions that eventually restrain them from reaping the business benefits of a lighting retrofit.

Here are the most common myths associated with lighting retrofit that you should stop believing:

Myth 1: Lighting retrofitting is costly

This is the most common lighting retrofitting myth that people tend to believe in. Businesses often disprove the idea of upgrading their lighting system while citing budget priorities as the reason. However, in reality, lighting retrofit is one of the best ways to get a great return on investments. It makes the lighting system more energy efficient which eventually helps in saving a lot of money in the long run. For instance, replacing your old fluorescent lights with new-age LED luminaires goes a long way in reaping monetary benefits. They are about 80% more efficient than traditional lights and offer a long service life of almost 50,000 hours. This reduces the amount of energy and maintenance bills which eventually aid business savings.   

Myth 2: Lighting retrofit is not a business need

Many-a-times, businesses tend to skip the idea of lighting retrofit thinking it is not a business need. In contrast, commercial lighting retrofits are known to benefit all stakeholders. They improve the quality of light in a space and make the environment more productive and safe for the employees. For instance, planning a lighting retrofit and deciding on smart lighting solutions like Human Centric Lighting helps in creating a perfect working environment. It enhances employee alertness by 23% and concentration by 37%. This eventually reflects in their productivity which ultimately benefits the business. 

Myth 3: You don't need a lighting retrofitting

Businesses often ignore getting a lighting retrofit by simply denying that they need it. Many managers and business officials believe that the current lighting levels and solutions are appropriate as per the needs and requirements of the space. In reality, many commercial spaces have ceiling grid-based lighting solutions that deliver more light than actually required. Excess illumination can harm employee’s health and makes them prone to a variety of health problems. In such cases, lighting retrofitting should be planned simply with the aim of reducing the light levels.

Lighting retrofit makes your workplace efficient and aesthetically pleasing. It not only benefits the business with greater return on investments and reduced bills but also by making the space more productive and work-oriented. Thus, connect with LED lighting manufacturers today and get a lighting retrofit.

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