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February 28, 2022

Lighting ideas for building a perfect work from home environment

Work from home has now become a new work culture across the globe. Employees are asked to work remotely to be safe from the pandemic. However, in order to be productive in home-office space, there arises a need for a proper lighting system. 

The best part is unlike offices, you get to revamp, declutter or re-organize your home-office environment and design according to your needs and preferences. The only thing which can be confusing is which indoor lighting systems to choose among the plethora of modern lighting flooding the market. 

Read on to scrutinize the search and know the best home-office room lighting ideas to consider for better productivity, efficiency and overall performance.

Work from home: Top lightings tips for a healthy remote working environment

Table lamps

One of the most ancient yet modern lighting solutions seated at the top of the list of home-office lighting is a table lamp. With commendable designs, technology integration and modifications, table lamps have won the heart of many employees working remotely at their home-office desks. They reduce the scattering of light and help to work for long hours productively.

Ambient lighting

This type of luminary comes under a general lighting system where the light is uniformly distributed via wall-mounted fixtures or ceilings. It is optimum to increase overhead illumination within the home office. Plus, ambient lighting is great for video conferencing as it is brighter and placed above to illuminate the space brightly. One can also opt for colorful LED strips instead of bulbs to have a vibrant effect and set the mood with joy and motivation to work efficiently.

Today sleek and stylish mid-small-sized suspended lighting fixtures such as Inform Range by Wipro Lighting suffices the demand. Various lighting professionals find this range very reliable and efficient to light up the home-office ambiance beautifully. 

Accent lighting

Another indoor LED lighting for home-office purposes is accent lighting systems. It effectively spruces the elements of the space and feels good to work for long hours and concentrate on the tasks. The recessed lights can be a suitable choice for accent lighting at home. These are directly installed in the ceilings to cover the maximum area of the space and provide adequate illumination to work smoothly in the home-office environment. 

Mollis and COB downlights like Glitz are some modern LED lighting solutions by Wipro Lighting. They are designed for workspaces and are energy efficient along with long-life services to function smoothly and fulfill home-office illumination requirements successfully.

Furthermore, natural lighting from time to time is also essential for a healthy body and mind to give their best while working. By strategically positioning the desk by the window, one can reap the maximum benefits of sunlight. 

However, in case of unavailability of daylight, working in a closed apartment or at night, the above-mentioned lighting ideas will do wonders. Just select the right indoor lighting solution as per the design and architecture of the space and continue work from home hassle-freely.