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December 15, 2021

Lighting trends to watch out in 2022

From halogen bulbs to Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), the lighting industry has come a long way with numerous transformations and up-gradations. Now, with evolving technology and the changing trends in the lighting domain, people are getting more inclined towards energy-efficient options infused with hi-tech features. Whether commercial, industrial or residential lighting requirements, people are looking for automated and energy-saving LED lighting options in 2022.

Among all the other lighting fixture options, LEDs are widely accepted around the world. It is highly energy-efficient and has many added features which make it suitable for meeting both indoor and outdoor lighting requirements.

Let’s read further to know some best modern lighting trends the one needs to look for in the year ahead.

Technological trends that will create new opportunities in the lighting industry in 2022

Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet is an innovative technique for providing DC power to multiple devices over copper Ethernet cabling, excluding the requirement for separate outlets and power supplies. To make this revolutionary technology easily accessible for everyone, Wipro Lighting came up with an exclusive range of Power over Ethernet lighting solutions. It provides customizable environments, well-suited for data centres, retail, workspaces, healthcare segments, and education. 

These smart lighting solutions have a bundle of health and productivity advantages for employees, such as the right light effect, daylight harvesting, performance tracking, energy mapping, etc. Furthermore, it comes with many other benefits for the users, like energy management, system integration, daylight sensors, architectural dimming, remote management, IT integration, and more. Some premium ranges of Wipro Lighting that comes with this hi-tech technology includes, Inform range, Stylus, Vision LED, Orbit LED, and more.

Human-centric lighting

Human-centric lighting, as the name suggests is a technology designed by keeping human lighting requirements on the top of the priority list. It mimics natural daylight, which is responsible for driving our bodily functions. This lighting solution enhances our performance, health, comfort and well-being. Our human-centric luminaires are designed to establish a perfect synchronization between mind, body and light to craft productive workplaces. 

Our prime aim is to form a work environment that operates parallelly with the body’s internal biological clock, called the circadian rhythm. Wipro Lighting offers a range of LED luminaire options with an added feature of human-centric lighting technology. For instance, the Inform Range has inSync™, a Human-centric lighting solution that works in a harmony with the earth’s natural lighting cycle and can be programmed to imitate the natural sunlight.

Flexible lighting

Designing flexibility in lighting is one of the biggest examples of up-gradation in the lighting industry. It gives the freedom of using LED lighting fixtures in various geometrical patterns, like criss-cross, straight lines, and more. Wipro Lighting has come up with an innovative range of flexible lighting options, known as Stylus. 

It is a Flexi-lit angular lighting solution that consists of a unique angle detector that allows the arms of the luminaire to rotate at different angles. It blends with the linear luminaire and forms the desired illuminated shape to light the space. It is an optimum option for lighting commercial areas as it has numerous features and is compatible with different technologies, such as Analog, DALI, Human-centric lighting, Power over Ethernet, and Bluetooth.

These transformative technologies have brought a revolution in the lighting industry and created a trend that is to be followed in 2022. To meet the market demand, Wipro Lighting Solution offers a wide variety of LED lighting fixtures that comes with hi-tech technology and premium quality.

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