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October 8, 2021

All you need to know about WIPRO MIST

Developing a prolific workplace environment is highly dependent on seamless collaboration, communication, and deliberation among employees in an office space. These three aspects contribute to increasing the motivation and productivity levels of the employees that eventually help in achieving organizational goals efficiently. However, efforts may fall short if offices fail in ensuring the right lighting conditions.

Lighting in an office space affects the health and wellness of the employees. It influences physiological and psychological behaviours which eventually affects their productivity and efficiency. Thus, it is important to decide on suitable office LED lighting that ensures the right illumination and appropriate brightness.    

Introducing the WIPRO MIST

We at Wipro Lighting believe in making workplaces livelier with the Brightness Management Philosophy. Thus, we offer office light fixtures that help in building a stress-free and visually pleasing workspace that savours visually balanced lighting. One such LED lighting solution is MIST.

Mist is a high-end next-generation soft lighting solution that caters to all your office environment needs and requirements. It is a skilfully designed recess mounted indirect-direct LED luminaire that provides soft and low-glare illumination. It is integrated with top-quality optics that ensure uniform and volumetric light across the space.

Wipro Mist is a vertical LED luminaire that provides indirect and direct light to accentuate the overall ambience. It boasts high lighting efficiency and serves as a perfect indoor lighting solution for a host of application areas including modern workspaces, healthcare, and educational institutes (lecture halls). 

Features of WIPRO MIST

Wipro Mist is a thoughtfully designed smart lighting solution that offers seamless compatibility with IoT-based devices and adheres to LG7 guidelines and wellness standards. It combines indirect light with direct lighting components for reducing glare and optimizing efficiency.

Here are some other features of Wipro Mist:

        An ultra-modern LED luminaire that provides timeless and seamless integration with subtle aesthetics. With no hardware appearing on the surface, it looks seamless and flawless.

        Comes with white reflective, matt powder-coated curved housing that provides excellent thermal management.

        Ensures excellent vertical illumination. For instance, the top reflector of the LED luminaire ensures 75% indirect and 25% direct lighting that aid volumetric light effect.

        Encourages visual comfort with reduced glare and optimum light output. The sequential lattice grill design of Mist further reflects 16% direct light.

        Integrated with high-quality LEDs and well-designed metal mesh that provide uniform and optimum illumination.

        Designed after successful extensive research to provide optimized optics for a glare-free and soft ambience.

        Easy to install that helps in saving time and effort.

Mist is one of the best LED lighting solutions for your commercial space that is infused with Wipro Advantage. It is powered by a technologically advanced customer-centric approach and shares the trust and credibility of one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers, Wipro Lighting.   

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