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December 20, 2021

How to use LED strip lights for accentuating ceilings?

LEDs are always the most reliable lighting options when it comes to enhancing the look of a space. With every passing year, we are experiencing a new advancement in the lighting industry, and the LED holds the crown to be on the top. In comparison to other lighting options, such as incandescent bulbs and CFLs, LED luminaires are better in many ways. Whether it be energy efficiency or appearance, there is no competitor to LEDs.

There is a brilliant addition to this modern lighting option, and that is, LED strip lighting. It can be used to add layers in the existing lighting of the area, highlight the features, showcase the display, change the mood, and more. These are also some of the widely used retail lighting options. Strip lights are more sleek and slim in comparison to other LED lighting fixtures

These luminaires can be used in areas where we do not pay much attention and make them look more appealing. Mirrors, staircase, cabinets, shelves, pictures, and ceilings are areas where LED strips can be used. Strips on ceilings can transform the look of the whole space, but many people find it challenging to properly fix them around. So here, we will discuss the appropriate way to do it.

How to perfectly fix LED strip lights around the ceiling?

Step 1 - Do proper measurement

Measuring the perimeter length of the ceiling is the first and the most important step for installing LED strip lights around the ceiling. One thing that must be considered is that the strips should be fixed behind an opening for creating a beautiful and mess-free lighting effect. 

Step 2 - Understand the requirement

The requirement of LED strip light is based on the size of the ceiling and the space. In case the strips are small, make sure to install more if extra illumination is required.

Step 3 - Proper placing of power outlet

To avoid wastage of extra wiring and optimal usage of luminaires, make sure to place the power outlet near the source supply that comes along with the LED strip reel.

Step 4 - Power setup should be ventilated

For long-lasting usage of strip lights, it is essential to ensure that the power setup is well-ventilated with proper airflow in the space. It should be fixed behind the furniture, thick curtains, or compact areas. The opening of the ceiling should allow the heat to escape properly.

By using LED strip light, one can create well-defined shapes and patterns on the ceiling. Some of the best ways for doing this could be by lining up the strips and forming a border for giving the false ceiling effect to highlight the surface. Make sure to choose the flexible strip light offered by Wipro Lighting to create patterns seamlessly.

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